Actor Don Cheadle won't allow the widespread acclaim of his Hotel Rwanda performance to fool him into believing a blockbuster Hollywood career beckons.

The OSCAR nominated star is enjoying his sudden rise to prominence, but understands box office heavyweights can easily become unemployable should they suffer a series of flop films.

Therefore, Cheadle plans to remain grounded while critics across the world heap praise on his portrayal of Rwandan hotelier PAUL RUSESABAGINA, who used his resort in Kigali city as a safe haven during the African country's bloody civil war in 1994.

He tells Britain's EMPIRE magazine, "My careers is not a static thing. It's in flux constantly and I never know where I'm going to be. If something I'm in makes $100 million, and it's perceived that I'm the reason it did, then I have the world on a plate.

"If it costs $100 million and it makes $10, and it's perceived I'm the problem, I'll be hard-pressed landing a gig like it again."

02/02/2005 02:33