OSCAR hopeful Don Cheadle was so moved by playing a real-life hero who housed Rwandan refugees during the country's bloody civil war he has taken on a new role to show Americans Africa's most treacherous areas.

The HOTEL RWANDA star took an ABC camera crew to The Sudan, where he reported on the plight of refugees there as part of news show NIGHTLINE.

Producers on the show were so impressed with Cheadle's reporting skills and the footage he took, they chose to air the upcoming special as a two-part series. The first part aired last night (09FEB05).

Meanwhile, the actor admits his experiences making Hotel Rwanda and visiting the Sudanese refugees has made him a lot more aware of what's going on in the world - and now he wants to show others.

He says, "Hopefully people will realise that The Sudan is setup and potentially another Rwanda."

10/02/2005 09:20