Actor Don Cheadle is looking forward to attending this month's (FEB05) Academy Awards as a nominee - because he was completely ignored when he last went to the star-studded ceremony.

Last month (JAN05), Cheadle received a nod in the Best Actor category for his efforts in the critically-lauded movie Hotel Rwanda, and he's elated that he'll now get a chance to shine on the red carpet.

He says, "I went one year with my wife, because you get invited to go if you're an Academy member. They invite you for $500 a ticket.

"By some terrible luck of the draw, we're stuck between Jack Nicholson's entourage and Cher's entourage. They're kinda big stars so the paparazzi are screaming, 'Jack! Cher! Jack!'

"We're stuck in the middle and they're jostling us and elbowing and kneeing. My wife has this beautiful long dress and they're stepping on the train and her hair's getting caught.

"One lone paparazzi sees me and he says, 'Mr Cheadle! Mr Cheadle!' I look up and he goes, 'Get out of the way!'"

02/02/2005 09:14