Don Cheadle is dreaming of ACADEMY AWARD success next year (05), because of the boost it would give his career.

The OCEAN'S ELEVEN actor is being hotly tipped for a nomination after securing a Golden Globe nod for his role in the critically acclaimed HOTEL RWANDA.

He dreams an OSCAR might bring "unlimited choices - first crack at every script I see, being able to pick and choose which ones I wanted to do, which fit perfectly for my schedule for my family, for my schedule with my own desires and interests in taking on subject matters and characters that I want to do."

But Cheadle doesn't relish the thought of becoming a household name and face and the subject of media intrusion.

He says, "Right now, nobody pays attention to me. I do whatever I do. And it's great. I'm walking down the streets and it's no problem."

23/12/2004 09:42