British actor Dominic West has vowed never to play a serial killer again because he found his role as Fred West to be "all-consuming" and "soul destroying".
The Wire star portrayed the notorious British murderer in U.K. TV movie Appropriate Adult, which centred around the interviews Fred West gave to cops after his arrest in 1994.
West admits playing the serial killer was a "traumatic experience" and it has put him off ever taking on such a gritty role again.
He tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "I've had quite a few offers to play serial killers. But I will never do it again. They are all ghastly. It's a soul-destroying thing to do. It is all-consuming. Luckily we shot the drama in about three or four weeks and then I went straight into something else, so I was able to get rid of him very quickly. But it was a traumatic experience."
Fred West was charged with murdering 12 young women and girls in Britain between 1967 and 1987, but he hanged himself in his prison cell in 1995 before he could face trial.