Actor Dominic West refused to live at his family home as he shot a new U.K. TV movie about Fred West - so he could "immerse" himself in the British serial killer's world.
The Wire star resided in a hotel in Manchester, north England for seven weeks as he filmed forthcoming drama Appropriate Adult, which centres around the interviews West gave to cops after his arrest in 1994.
The actor admits being away from his children allowed him to focus on the role - and also helped him return to normality when the shoot ended.
He says, "It would have been impossible to stay at home. The acting would have suffered rather than my wife and children.
"My children were a brilliant way of escaping Fred West at the end of filming and when I came back it made it all the easier to eradicate him from my consciousness. But had they been around when I was filming I don't think I would have been so easily able to act him.
"It was only possible in a finite, brief period away from home when I could completely concentrate on the role and immerse myself in it."
West also admits he's wary of taking on a similar gritty role in the future, adding, "It was different to anything I have done before and I don't think I would like to play someone like him again.
"I was determined not to let him get to me but I was glad when it was over. Most shoots take a lot longer and I couldn't have done it in those circumstances. It was an intense time."
Fred West was charged with the murder of 12 young women and girls, but hanged himself in his prison cell in 1995 before he could face trial.