British actor Dominic West is reeling after learning his intimate kissing scene with Julianne Moore in new thriller The Forgotten has been cut from the finished film.

The MONA LISA SMILE star was devastated when he eventually got to see the new movie, and realised his romantic moment with redhead Moore had been left on the cutting room floor.

He says, "We had a beautiful kiss. It was my very favourite moment. I couldn't believe that they cut it.

"Apparently Julianne had too much saliva all over her and it just looked ugly."

But his co-star can understand why the scene was cut from the movie.

She explains, "He turned to me after we watched the movie and he said, 'They cut out our kiss! Why did they do that?'

"I actually understand why they cut the kiss - because it is in the middle of the movie and it's like, 'Why are they

kissing? There are bad guys chasing them!' I think they felt, 'Let's move on; we can't stop for affection!"

15/09/2004 08:35