Actor Dominic West has backed playwright Alan Bennett's call to abolish private schooling in Britain, branding the idea "fabulous".

Bennett wants the U.K. government to combine state and private education in a bid to abolish class divisions, and The Wire star is in full support of his proposal.

West, who attended British boarding school Eton College, tells the London Evening Standard, "(It's a) fabulous (idea). I certainly won't be sending my children to public school. I have five."

Actor Tom Hiddleston has branded Bennett's proposal "wonderful", but adds, "I don't know if it will happen. I think it's a real national weakness to categorise people, in both directions, according to where they went to school."

Rapper Plan B has also weighed in on the debate, stating, "I was a disruptive kid at school and they sent me to a pupil referral unit (Pru). It was wonderful - small classrooms and a lot of love and attention.

"I think instead of abolishing private schools, you should have more Prus so that troublesome comprehensive kids can get the support they need."