Surfing helped Dominic Monaghan overcome his post-Lord Of The Rings depression as he struggled to cope with life after filming on the epic trilogy stopped.

The German-born actor moved to Hollywood from Manchester, England, after finding he had little in common with his friends following his two-year experience filming the Rings movies in New Zealand.

But, Monaghan tells ROLLING STONE magazine he then spent the best part of a year spiralling into depression and loneliness.

He recalls, "I didn't have a car, I didn't have a phone... I wasn't going out, I wasn't trying to get back on track. I was just spending a year doing nothing.

"It was unhealthy and melancholy for no real reason - and it was cumulative because I got p**sed off that I was depressed."

It took a surfing holiday, while he visited Rings castmate Billy Boyd on the set of MASTER + COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD in Mexico, to help him shake his depression.

Boyd recalls, "Being able to get in the water really helped him."

Monaghan adds, "I just snapped out of it."

27/01/2005 09:39