Actor Dominic Monaghan's attempts to clarify the plot of complicated TV drama Lost have been dismissed by producers. The 29-year-old, who plays rocker and heroin addict CHARLIE PACE, thinks the desert castaways are at the mercy of a bitter billionaire wreaking revenge for past wrongs. But The Lord Of The Rings star's ideas fell on deaf ears with directors. He says, "One of the theories I came up with was that we'd all in some way p**sed off some huge billionaire. "He'd managed to get us all on a plane and have it crash into this island so that he could watch us from his castle with hidden cameras and create a TRUMAN SHOW nightmare for us all. "Maybe I'd s**gged his daughter, or EVANGELINE (LILLY)'s character, KATE, had stolen money from his bank, or JOSH (HOLLOWAY)'s character SAWYER, had fandangled money out of him. "But (the idea) got pooh-poohed by the writers."