LORD OF THE RINGS star Dominic Monaghan insists Hawaii's police are making it impossible for him and his Lost co-stars to race home after shooting the hit TV show.

The actor is one of seven Lost stars who have been pulled over for speeding or drink driving in the past 18 months, and though he refuses to comment about those who drive under the influence, he's begging traffic cops to give the speeders a break.

He says, "I think two people got arrested (for drink driving), and I'm not going to talk about other people's stuff. (The rest of us) get speeding tickets.

"The reason we get speeding tickets is there are only three roads in Hawaii, so if there's a police officer sat on any one of those roads they're going to get us.

"(But) we're not that badly behaved, we do good work."

And the British actor has even suggested that his girlfriend and co-star Evangeline Lilly may have been an eighth member of the cast to get pulled over.

Appearing on this morning's (11JAN06) ELLEN talk show in American, the cheeky actor told host ELLEN DeGENERES, "Here's the thing about Evangeline Lilly and I'm going to get in trouble about this but, on her driver's license it say's NICOLE LILLY - because that's her name... She can fly under the radar. (She's) a liar and a thief."