THE LORD OF THE RINGS star Dominic Monaghan has taken his admiration of THE Beatles to spiritual levels, by basing his way of life on the British band's "teachings".

The German-born actor admits he has something of an obsession with the veteran rockers' works - and it's now affecting areas of his life.

He says, "You know the way that people believe in God, and people believe in Krishna, and people believe in Buddha? That's kind of The Beatles for me - I believe in The Beatles.

"I believe in the kind of teachings, their way of life, their music, their ethos, the 'fabness' of them. It's an idea, it's a way of living. Just kind of good times, fun, making incredible music, trying to stay away from hard drugs - which didn't happen all the time.

"They were incredible artists. (JOHN) LENNON for me is my guy."