THE SOPRANOS star Dominic Chianese's new wife had an awkward start to married life - she had to watch her new husband bed Neve Campbell.

The 73-year-old actor, who plays UNCLE JUNIOR in the hit drama, wed JANE PITTSON last summer (03) and immediately played a sleazy businessman who pays an acquaintance to bed his girlfriend in When Will I Be Loved.

SCREAM's Campbell stars as the girl who gets intimate with Chianese's character, and she admits the veteran actor was a gentleman in the makeshift bedroom.

She explains, "He's such a sweetheart. We were pretty much in this apartment the whole time. He's incredibly professional, generous, and kind.

"He was nervous about the love scene but we were very focused on making each other comfortable. We discussed what we thought was appropriate for the scene.

"I really like the way that scene was shot. It's not graphic in any way and, truthfully, out of all of the love scenes in the film that did not need to be expanded.

"He had just gotten married a week before. I met his wife and she came to the set and she was lovely, so he was very happy at the time too which was nice."

10/09/2004 09:12