The Linger singer was a huge fan of Morrissey's band growing up and now his bassist is her bandmate in D.A.R.K.

The duo premiered their new track High Fashion on the Talkhouse Music Podcast this week (beg05Sep16) and Dolores confessed she still can't believe she's in a group with Rourke.

"I was such a big Smiths fan, and all The Cranberries were Smiths fans," she cooed, telling the bass player, "I was mad about you... I had a poster on the wall of your band when I was a teenager, and Morrissey, but you were the eye candy, though! You could've been in a boy band!"

But she urges fans of both bands not to expect D.A.R.K. to sound like either The Cranberries or The Smiths.

"Cranberries fans are Smiths fans... but D.A.R.K. is not like The Cranberries and it's not like The Smiths, it's very different... It's definitely an experimental project."