Dolly Rockers would "lose the will to live" if they were like The Saturdays.

The 'Je Suis Une Dolly' trio insist they have nothing in common with their pop rivals and hope to maintain their outspoken nature throughout their career.

Singer Brooke Challinor said: "You should wait and see if media training turns us into The Saturdays."

Her bandmate Lucie Kay added: "It's not likely. We'd lose the will to live. If The Saturdays joined our band then they'd be ripped to pieces."

The group - also comprising Sophie King - also blasted 'Biology' singers Girls Aloud.

They added: "They're unreachable with a look you could never get close to without a huge entourage."

The group first tasted fame on British TV talent show 'The X Factor' in 2006 but insist they don't want to be associated with the show.

Lucie explained: "Sharon Osbourne told us if we played on the 'cutesy' thing, then girls wouldn't feel threatened by us. Hence if you watch the clip, we've got no make-up on, flat Ugg boots and denim skirts and pink T-shirts. And we're singing covers of Sugababes and Spice Girls songs.

"A lot of people who have been on 'The X Factor' try to capitalise on the connection. We're trying to put it behind us."