Country star Dolly Parton often believes the stories written about other celebrities in the tabloids - even though she insists they all print lies about her.

The JOLENE singer has dismissed numerous stories about her personal life which have appeared in publications over the years, but that doesn't stop her from referring to the same tabloids for gossip on her fellow stars.

She says, "(My husband Carl Dean) is always bringing home tabloids and he'll say, 'Well, we're divorcing again!'

"But then I'll get to reading it and we'll get some laughs out of it. You get so mad when they write all of this stuff. You think, 'Why did they do that?'

"And then I'll find myself reading the tabloids and believing everything about everybody but me."

She adds, "I hope they use recycled paper, because I'd hate to think they cut down good trees for that c**p."