Dolly Parton only confesses to bad behaviour if she is caught in the act - and avoids responding to reports of her sexual encounters with male co-stars.

The country singer and actress has long been rumoured to have had close relationships with late actor Burt Lancaster and her STRAIGHT TALK co-star James Woods.

But Parton refuses to confirm anything.

She explains, "I don't admit or deny anything. If I ain't done something, I'm probably capable of doing it. But I never admit to certain things unless I'm caught red-handed.

"Now those men (Woods and Lancaster), if I didn't sleep with them, I probably wanted to.

"If you believe the newspapers, I've slept with every man I've ever worked with. If all that stuff was true, my life would have been a lot more fun than it has been. And it's been plenty of fun as it is."

06/01/2005 21:36