Country star Dolly Parton is reconsidering the idea of recording an album of BOB DYLAN songs after the rock 'n' roll icon refused to join her for a version of his BLOWIN' IN THE WIND on her new covers CD.

Parton approached Dylan and asked him to duet with her on his folk anthem for her new album THOSE WERE THE DAYS, but the rock star became the only big name collaborator who turned her down.

Parton says, "To be fair, I didn't actually speak to him personally. I'd sent a message to him because I wanted him to say at least one line on Blowin' In The Wind.

"I got the message back that he didn't want to do it, so I got (country group) NICKEL CREEK... to sing on it, so, in a way, it worked out better.

"I was going to do a whole album of his (songs) and I was going to call it DOLLY DOES DYLAN. Now I'm having second thoughts."

While Dylan turned Parton down, his folk peers Yusuf Islam (formerly known as CAT STEVENS) and Judy Collins did agree to appear with the country singer on the album.