Country legend Dolly Parton will release her next album on her own label after landing a new deal to become the only signing to Dolly Records. The new company will be managed by the singer's longtime manager Danny Nozell. He claims the new album will be released in February (08) and it will be "the first mainstream country record Dolly has done in 17 years." Nozell tells, "She's a free agent right now so we decided to go around to the majors to at least see what kind of distribution deals they were bringing in, and didn't see anything I was interested in. "To be honest, we have the finances the major labels have, and I put together a marketing plan that was way more extensive than any major has brought to me." A distribution deal is reportedly in the works with iTunes for digital sales, and the first single from the album, Better Get To Livin', will be released to radio next month (Sep07).