Dolly Parton and Isaac Hayes will appear in a new series of commercials to boost tourism in their native Tennessee.

Parton, who built the DOLLYWOOD theme park near her mountain hometown of Sevierville, invites tourists to make Tennessee their stage for family fun, thrills, relaxation, celebration, discovery and romance.

She says in the ad, "Just remember Tennessee is great for more than music. The stage is set for you, honey, come play on it."

Parton adds of her decision to back the campaign, "I'm doing this because I love Tennessee - I'm a Tennessee girl. I mean, there's nothing we can't do in Tennessee. The stage is set for everything."

Singer-songwriter Hayes, a Memphis native, filmed the second ad on Monday (05APR04) at the STAX MUSEUM OF AMERICAN SOUL MUSIC.

08/04/2004 20:57