Dolly Parton thinks Reese Witherspoon will have to ''pad herself'' before she can play the country singer in a biopic.

The 'Jolene' singer is in discussions to have a film made about her life but she is struggling to find an actress who can handle her famous assets.

Dolly - who is famous for having a large chest - explained how she had been chatting about possible leads for the movie, when her ''dear friend'' Reese, 38, suggested she could do the job herself, with the help of a little stuffing.

In an interview on TV show 'Lorraine', the 68-year-old musician said: ''Reese Witherspoon is a dear friend of mine, in fact I was with her last week and we were talking about doing some things together. We were talking about my life story, and I went, 'Well people always say to me, 'Why don't you get Reese Witherspoon (to play you).'

''And I always say, 'Her boobs ain't big enough! I think she's too little to rag this around! I wouldn't put that on her.' But Reese said, 'Well, there's padding, I've got enough to do it!' I said, 'Well, we're talk about it.' ''

The country music legend also hinted at the possibility of writing a musical based on her incredible life and six-decade spanning career.

She shared: ''There's a lot of my life to go round, I've lived a long time and I've lived fast, and I've lived good, and I've lived bad, let's put all that in a movie.''