Dolly Parton wants to start her own festival.

The 'Jolene' singer enjoyed her first experience at Glastonbury at the weekend and thinks there was a lot she could learn from it in order to stage her own music event at her Dollywood Theme Park in Tennessee.

She said: ''I have a lotta land up near east Tennessee, and we do a lot of festivals through my Dollywood company. I've often thought I might start my own festival in Tennessee, or maybe I'll get some good pointers from this one.''

And the 68-year-old star planned to ask Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis for some advice on setting up a musical extravaganza.

Speaking during a press conference at Worthy Farm, she said: ''I think I'm going to do that - Michael can give me some tips. Why wouldn't I want something like this?''

Dolly was delighted to be asked to perform at the festival and said it made her feel like a rock star.

She said: ''I'm so excited to be part of this whole thing. I'm just a country girl, and now I feel like a rock star.''

And the '9 to 5' hitmaker deliberately chose her all-white outfit so she would complement the muddy conditions.

She explained before her performance: ''I'm going to wear white on stage, because I figured from all the way out there I want to be seen, and I think it goes well with mud. But I will be wearing my stage shoes - you know I have to shine, mud or no mud.''