Dolly Parton wanted her goddaughter Miley Cyrus to play Jolene in Netflix's 'Heartstrings'.

The 73-year-old country legend wanted the 'Hannah Montana' star to play Julianne Hough's part of the homewrecker in the Jolene episode of the anthology series which is inspired by her music.

In an interview with 'Entertainment Tonight', Dolly explained: ''Years back when I used to think of Jolene, you know, before Julianne came on, I used to think... 'I'd love Miley.' She would have been great at that as well. But Miley was doing other things.''

'Heartstrings' will tell a story in each episode that will be based on one of Dolly's iconic songs and will explain the meaning behind the hit.

Even though Dolly was keen on Miley starring in the Jolene episode she admits that former 'Dancing with the Stars' judge Julianne, 31, was the perfect fit to play the Jolene she describes in the lyrics of her best known track.

She said: ''We wanted it (character) to be someone that kind of was described in the song, with auburn hair, ivory skin, the emerald green eyes, which she had all of that.

''All she had to do was put on this beautiful red hair and she was the most beautiful Jolene you could ever, ever get. She's such a great little actress. She's just got such a great spirit and she's a great singer.''

The '9 to 5' actress has also confirmed she wrote a song especially for the episode which will also feature Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Dallas Roberts, and Dolly, who be seen singing with Julianne.

Dolly spilled: ''I wrote a song for us to do as a duet in a club. It was just a joy for us.''