Dolly Parton feels the #MeToo movement has raised important issues, not only for the showbiz world but across all industries.

The '9 To 5' hitmaker says the movement is still a ''work in progress'' but she hopes it will soon be that women get more opportunities and equal pay across all platforms.

She told Sky News: ''The [#MeToo movement] is a work in progress as life itself is - especially women in the workplace. It brought up the subject again with harassment in the workplace and the fact that women are still not getting the chance to do as much as they can or get paid equal for the work that they do.''

Dolly had previously opened up about how she has met some ''bad'' men in the past but she has never shunned her morals to make it to the top and has ''always been able to handle'' herself.

She shared: ''Being brought up in a family with six brothers and my dad and being very close to my uncles and my grandpas and knowing men ... There were some bad ones too - chauvinists - but, for the most part, they were good people, and so I just really know the nature of men and so I was always able to kinda communicate with them. Of course I've been hit on, but I've hit on a few people myself ... I've never slept with anybody I didn't want to sleep with, never did anything to try to get to the top, and if things got out of hand, I've always been able to handle myself.''

And the 73-year-old singer thinks it is great that the #MeToo movement has encouraged people to speak out and whilst she admits she had to ''compromise to a degree'' and work with people she didn't necessarily want to when she was starting out, she never compromised her ''integrity or principles''.

She added: ''We all have to work with people when you're starting out, you have to compromise to a degree to get things done but you don't need to ever compromise yourself nor your integrity or your principles or your value.''