Dolly Parton loves cooking chicken and dumplings.

The 65-year-old singer - who has been married to husband Carl Dean for 45 years - loves being at her home in Nashville, Tennessee, where she can be a "housewife" and cook up feasts.

She said: "I'm like a housewife. I grew up doing the cooking, as mum was always pregnant.

"I learnt from my grandma and aunts, so most of my cooking is old Southern soul food. I'm not a gourmet cook - it's not pretty, but it tastes good. Everyone loves my chicken and dumplings."

Despite her long marriage to Carl, Dolly believes the key to their success is simply they get along so well and never fight.

She told Hello! magazine: "We hardly see each other so we don't have time to fight! We're good friends. We're different but we get along good. We are like any other couple at home; I do the cooking, he takes out the trash. He's always painting or fixing something up around the house."