The 70-year-old singer already has her own theme park, Dollywood, in Tennessee, but she is now looking to add to her empire, particularly after appearing at Britain's Glastonbury festival in 2014.

The veteran music icon reveals she is keen to host a similar event in the future, which she plans to call DollyFest.

"They have been talking to me about that. It would be a wonderful thing to do if I can work it into my schedule," she said, according to Britain's Evening Standard newspaper.

"I would be very interested. We had been talking about holding it over a few days, having some other artists performing and me topping it off. I don't really know. But hopefully we can work it out because it's a really good idea."

Dolly is currently promoting her 43rd album, titled Pure & Simple, and hopes to play shows in the U.K. following her U.S. tour. Her fans will also be pleased to hear that the musician has no intention of slowing down, as she finds the songwriting process to be a form of "therapy".

"It's my passion and my job. I will always be writing songs - until I'm sick and old," she smiled. "And if I get too sick and old, I'll probably move on to poetry and keep writing in my rocking chair. The music is alive in me."