Dolly Parton is excited to star in new '9 to 5' film.

The blonde singer is excited about the upcoming sequel to the cult 1980 comedy - which she appeared in alongside Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin - and has promised she will have more than a brief ''cameo'' role in the upcoming movie.

Parton appeared on 'This Morning' on Tuesday (26.02.19), and when asked about making appearance in the upcoming film, said: ''Oh we're not gonna do a cameo, we're actually going to be starring in it - Jane, Lily and I!

''They have done a new take on it. Patricia Resnick who also wrote the musical here, she also wrote the original 9 to 5.

''Now forty years later, we're doing a sequel where there are actually three new girls who are consolidating. They say 'whatever happened to those women who made changes those years ago?'

''We're all successful women, different parts of the country. So we all live together, kind of help them out. So much fun we had!''

The classic film told the tale of three secretaries who get revenge on their sexist boss by abducting him and the new film will follow a fresh female trio who work for the same company.

The country singer previously said she chose to accept a part in the iconic comedy not because of its message of female empowerment, but for the chance to work with ''big stars'' Fonda and Tomlin.

She admitted: ''I didn't think of it in those (feminist) terms to be honest with you. I was thinking more in terms of business than subject matter.

''Jane was a big star and so was Lily, so I thought, 'This is great. If it's a big movie we can share the glory and if it's a flop it's on them.' And Jane says, 'Well Dolly will give us audiences in the South.' ''