Country superstar Dolly Parton has upset legions of fans after being accused of lip-syncing on her current American tour.

The JOLENE singer, 58, is the latest star to be caught up in a lip-syncing scandal after both Ashlee Simpson and Madonna were recently vilified for miming during live shows.

And fans who have paid to see her on her current HELLO, I'M DOLLY hits tour have started asking for their money back - claiming they've been cheated out of a live concert.

One Charlotte, North Carolina, fan was so angry he wrote to America's NATIONAL EXAMINER tabloid demanding an explanation from Parton herself.

He wrote, "I expected to see a great live performance. Personally, I feel I'm due a refund."

Parton explains she has to employ a guide track when performing live because she can no longer cope with a gruelling concert schedule.

She tells the Examiner, "It's an effort to entertain by being able to have a bigger production and, hopefully, a better sound."

24/11/2004 21:02