Dolce And Gabbana remain defiant in the face of their prison sentence.

The design duo were both handed 20 month suspended sentences for alleged tax evasion of millions of Euros in an Italian court yesterday (19.06.13), and have since issued a statement, giving their reaction to the news.

Focusing on the positive aspects of the ruling, they wrote: ''With great satisfaction, we acknowledge that - for the second time - a judge of the Milan Court has reiterated once more the absolute innocence - because the allegations are untrue - of Mr. Domenico Dolce and Mr. Stefano Gabbana of the accusation of having unfaithfully declared their earnings (the ''notorious'' million dollars of Euros).

''As we had the chance to state during the trial, the charges were simply a paradox: the two designers were charged with not having paid taxes for an amount of money which was double of what they had actually earned.

The Court has ruled correctly to what we have always stated and has calmed all the citizens: nobody will ever be held responsible for not having paid taxes that exceed what they had actually grossed.

''Frankly speaking, we were astonished that our thesis on the regularity of everyone's behaviour related to the taxes omission payment by [Luxembourg-based holding company] Gado, was not accepted. In fact, the CEO of this Company together with other people including the designers, were found guilty of having contributed in a violation of the said taxes declaration omission. We will strongly appeal this part of the verdict, certain that the result will be over-turned in appeal

The absolution of the designers for the declarations related to their individual earnings is at the same time blatant and dramatic, because, notwithstanding the same fact was ruled as non-existent by today's court, the Internal Revenue Service might proceed with their operations against them, fining them for the excessive and surreal amount of money of more than 400 million Euros.

''Due to the fact that the two designers do not have this kind of money - as the judge stated today, that they have never earned it - most probably the Internal Revenue Service will attack their most precious part of their patrimony, which is their shareholding in the Dolce and Gabbana Company.''

The design duo - and their four co-defendants - are also planning to appeal the court's ruling and remain hopeful and confident they will never have to serve jail time.

Dolce and Gabbana had been cleared of any wrongdoing in April 2011, but Italy's highest court had overruled it and sent he case back.