Old DOGS, a buddy comedy due to start filming in the summer, will star Robin Williams and John Travolta, according to reports.

Disney has signed both movie veterans alongside Travolta's wife Kelly Preston and the couple's daughter Ella Travolta, reports Variety.

The plot involves two friends who find themselves in the care of seven-year-old twins after their lives take an unexpected turn.

Walt Becker will direct the movie and he and Travolta have already enjoyed a successful comedy this year with the surprise takings of the biker film Wild Hogs.

The script is written by David Diamond and David Weisman and will be produced by Andrew Panay, Peter Abrams and Robert Levy.

Travolta has enjoyed a number of successful movies in recent years including Be Cool and the more recent Wild Hogs.

The road trip movie features an all-star line-up including Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H Macy.

Old Dogs will be Ella Travolta's first movie appearance while her mother, Preston, starred in Jerry Maguire and The Cat in the Hat.

25/04/2007 14:22:22