Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper's performance in new London play TREATS has received a mixed reaction from critics after last night's (08MAR07) official opening. The 24-year-old plays the subject of co-stars' Laurence Fox and Kris Marshall's affections in the black comedy about a complicated love triangle, based on the book by Christopher Hampton. The London Evening Standard's theatre critic today (09MAR07) raves, "Billie Piper's impressive West End debut (has) genuine emotional power. Treats enthralls, with its convincing demonstration of how sadomasochists have little long-term fun." However, other British newspaper critics are not so won over, with The Times stating, "Piper (coped) decently enough with the tricky part of ANN." The Daily Telegraph was even less enthused, sneering, "The wonderful emotional warmth and spontaneity she displayed in Doctor Who is almost entirely absent here."