Stephen Moffat, one of the writers involved in the relaunch of Doctor Who, has been signed for the upcoming Tintin movie trilogy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Moffat will script all three films in the collaboration between directing greats Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Indiana Jones helmer Spielberg is to direct one of the movies based on Herge's books, while Lord Of The Rings director Jackson will make another.

A director for the third film is yet to be announced by Dreamworks.

Moffat, who honed his writing teeth on Brit comedy series Coupling, penned four episodes for the revived Doctor Who series.

He was also behind the recent BBC adaptation of the Jekyll and Hyde story, featuring James Nesbitt as the titular schizophrenic.

Herge's books followed the adventures of young Belgian reporter Tintin, aided in his global travels by faithful companion Snowy and the wizened Captain Haddock.

More than 200 million copies have been sold worldwide, with Tintin's travails translated into 50 languages.

However, the series was the subject of recent controversy after the Commission for Racial Equality called for high-street booksellers Borders and Waterstones to remove the book Tintin in the Congo from their shelves over claims it is racist.

Both stores responded by moving the book to their adult sections.

02/10/2007 16:45:17