LATEST: The mysterious white substance found during a raid of rapper/actor DMX's Arizona home was not an illegal narcotic, according to police. The hip-hop star/actor, real name Earl Simmons, was shocked to hear police had raided his Phoenix home last Friday (24Aug07) and seized 12 distressed pit bulls terriers, who had no food or water. Cops also found the buried remains of three other dogs, firearms, marijuana and the white substance, which they originally believed to be a drug. Local Sheriff Joe Arpaio said a "useable quality" of marijuana had been found in the building. Simmons' lawyer Murray Richman says he doesn't know who the cannabis belongs to and the rapper hasn't visited the home for over two months. Simmons claims his caretaker Brad Blackwell was responsible for looking after the state and is devastated to hear of the dogs' health. Blackwell claims he told Simmons he could only care for this dogs for "just a couple of days", not the full period of the rapper's absence. In the meanwhile, police have sent the three dog carcasses to Atlanta, Georgia for forensic testing to determine cause of death.