Retired rapper DMX's wife had to be jetted out to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to prevent her grumpy husband from walking out on MTV travel show TRIPPIN'.

DMX, real name EARL SIMMONS, told show host Cameron Diaz he was "a real outdoors man" when she asked him to take part in her eco-travel series but he didn't care for the wilderness when he got there.

After a day of hiking and a night of camping in a tent with Diaz and fellow traveller Rebecca Romijn, DMX was far from impressed with the beauty of Yellowstone and threatened to quit the show.

He hissed, "I'm leaving tomorrow... Camping is like a cabin, satellite TV, room service."

But when Diaz caught him chatting to his wife TASHERA on a mobile phone, she offered to bring her out to meet the upset rap star, which prompted him to stay.

That didn't stop DMX's tantrums, however - he woke the following morning, declaring, "Why are we in the f**king woods? I can't do it," before grumbling about his choice of breakfast.

He added, "That's enough nature for me, man. People don't belong on f**king mountains. Get a f**king postcard."

The rapper's mood changed when he was reunited with his wife later at a ranch, and he later confessed that his experience in the wilderness wasn't as bad as he had thought it would be.

He explained, "I actually do care more about nature than I did when I first came here, as far as preserving it and everything."

11/05/2005 09:11