LATEST: The three dogs found buried at rapper DMX's Arizona home in August (07) may have died from the summer heat after air-conditioning in the house broke down, according to a police report. The Maricopa County Sheriff report reveals that several of the 12 distressed and undernourished dogs also found were suffering from fungal condition valley fever. Police raided DMX's property after receiving a tip-off and claim to have also found a small amount of cocaine and a "usable amount of marijuana". No arrests or charges have been made, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio says, "We are still interviewing possible witnesses." In September (07), the star - real name Earl Simmons - insisted he hadn't visited the property for two months and had asked caretaker Brad Blackwell to look after his pets. Authorities recently revealed that one of the dead dogs had serious bite wounds, the other had trauma to its abdomen, while a third dog was burnt so badly the exam was inconclusive.