The single mother at the centre of DMX's rape charges is suing the rapper after getting bombarded with calls asking her if she took advantage of the sleeping hitmaker. In a recent issue of urban magazine Sister 2 Sister, DMX - real name EARL SIMMONS - insisted he was "raped" by a woman in Washington DC. He refused to name her but confessed she is the same woman who successfully won a paternity battle with the rap star, claiming her baby son was the result of a weekend romance she had with DMX in 2003. Now, MONIQUE WAYNE, who is the woman the rapper is referring to is suing him for defamation, using the same publication he accused of raping him to clear her name. The angry cosmetologist says, "I'm mad, disappointed, embarrassed, humiliated, stressed out to capacity; sleep is not that great. "I'm constantly getting harassed and bothered, (I'm) concerned for my son... I basically sued for my justice and my respect." DMX may have a battle on his hands - Wayne has a degree in criminal justice. And Wayne insists she's not a marriage breaker - DMX didn't reveal he was married until after he'd spent the weekend with her and bedded her: "He told me he was married after the fact."