Incarcerated rapper DMX's legal woes continue - his Arizona home has reportedly gone into foreclosure.
The star's property was targeted by thieves numerous times following a raid by police in May 2008 that left the house's doors and windows blown away.
Realtor Andrew Wheeler claims the home was left unprotected and in a shambles after authorities raided it, and various items, including DMX's quad bikes, were stolen
He tells, "I think people showed up, walked into the house and took what they wanted."
The star paid $600,000 (GBP413,790) for the property in 2003, but a local bank has put it up for sale at the reduced price of $429,000 (GBP295,860).
The rapper is awaiting sentence following his guilty plea to four charges of animal cruelty, drug possession and theft in three separate cases. He is due to be sentenced on 30 January (09).