LATEST: Hip-hop star DMX is planning to take blood tests to prove he's the father of a five-month-old boy alleged to be his son.

MONIQUE WAYNE of Maryland alleges the 33-year-old rapper, real name EARL SIMMONS, has acknowledged he is the father of her baby - whom he even helped name, but has not provided her with any child support.

As a result, she has slapped DMX with a paternity suit - but his lawyers say he's not paying up until it's proven through blood tests he's the father, in which case, he'll comply with the court's demands.

Wayne, 24, tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "What I want from DMX is just to help me support our child.

"Everybody's calling me; they want this, they want that. That's not what I want. I just want to have a simple life."

Wayne claims she has "received threats from associates" of the married father of three.

The child was conceived during a one night stand after Wayne met the rapper in a nightclub in Washington, DC, last year (03).

28/09/2004 02:27