LATEST: Rapper DMX has been slapped with additional charges, following his arrest on accusations he and another man tried to steal a car at New York's JOHN F KENNEDY AIRPORT.

The hip-hop star and associate JACKIE HUDGINS were released on $15,000 (GBP8,300) bail. DMX, real name EARL SIMMONS, was initially charged with attempted robbery and impersonating an officer.

Additional charges of menacing, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a weapon and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, were added on Friday (25JUN04), reports website ALLHIPHOP.COM. According to reports, the rapper told authorities he was rushing to catch a flight when another driver stopped him from parking his sports utility vehicle (SUV).

DMX flipped on flashing lights and a siren which were illegally placed on the SUV and chased the man, crashing through a toll booth.

When police arrived, they found DMX trying to pull the driver out of his car. Port Authority police say DMX was "out of it" when they arrested him. The additional charges were added when police found crack cocaine, painkillers and a billy club in his vehicle.

DMX explained the painkillers were from an injury he received while filming a movie.

Queens Assistant District Attorney CORRINE HENDERSON says, "None of this would have happened if DMX had just paid the parking fee (and left)."

She also says that DMX's pants had fallen down to his ankles, but he was so high he didn't notice. Henderson adds that DMX wasn't very cooperative with police while being arrested.

She continues, "He told them, 'I make moves. I make people disappear. Take these cuffs off me and we can go at it.'"

He was later treated for breathing problems at QUEENS HOSPITAL CENTER and was taken to detox, before being booked.

He later caught a flight to Amsterdam in the Netherlands where he kicked of his European tour over the weekend (26-27JUN04).

27/06/2004 21:09