Retired rapper DMX is set for a return to the charts after being persuaded to put his preaching plans on hold by another returning hip-hop star, MASE.

DMX is preparing to release his latest album HERE WE GO AGAIN two years after announcing his plans to put his career behind him and concentrate on becoming a man of God.

The rapper, real name EARL SIMMONS, tells MTV NEWS, "I talked to Mase. I said, 'Dog, I'm fed up with this rap s**t. I know the Lord. I know my true calling is to preach the Word, where do I go from here?'

"He was like, 'As long as the Lord gives you the talent to do what you do, do it. He'll call you when he's ready. He'll call you when he's ready.'"

That conversation with the former PASTOR MASON BETHA made DMX think again about his retirement plans and then start recording again.

He adds, "I'm gonna do this as long as I can, and when (God) is ready for me, he'll call me. It wasn't my place to retire."

30/05/2005 21:01