Rapper DMX refuses to make any more music for his record label DEF JAM - because he's sick of the way they treat their artists.

The controversial purveyor of hardcore hip-hop is disgusted at the label because they've neglected to pay him any of the $144 million (GBP80 million) he claims he made Def Jam last year (03).

He has also blasted the demands Def Jam makes of their artists, labelling their habit of giving away unused songs to other performers "robbery".

DMX is so incensed by the situation, he's even starting a union for musicians.

He says, "The highest paid artist gets 18 cents on the dollar, it's straight robbery.

"They still own your music and they ask for maybe 27 songs for each album and they only use about 16 and the rest they give away. It's robbery man, I can't be part of it anymore."

23/03/2004 21:23