LATEST: Rapper DMX has been sentenced to a conditional discharge after pleading guilty to driving under the influence of drugs.

The 33-year-old hip-hop star, real name EARL SIMMONS, also pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment, say prosecutors.

The DUI charge resulted from the rapper's admission he was on valium during the 24 June (04) incident, in which he ploughed through the gates of New York's John F Kennedy Airport parking lot after claiming to be a federal agent.

With a conditional discharge, which was handed down yesterday (08DEC04), if DMX commits any violations within a year, he'll be put in jail. He was also fined and ordered to forfeit his 1998 FORD EXPEDITION sport utility vehicle - which was equipped with a flashing light and siren.

A co-defendant was also sentenced to a conditional discharge for disorderly conduct.

The rapper's lawyer, MURRAY RICHMAN, says, "(The deal is) a good disposition for the matter that was blown greatly out of proportion."

09/12/2004 02:41