The single mum who romanced rapper DMX and gave birth to his son is refuting claims she stalked him after falling pregnant. MONIQUE WAYNE was stunned when DMX's angry wife TASHERA confronted her on the phone one night, calling her a "bitch" and then joined her husband for a recent magazine interview in which they referred to her as a stalker who "raped" the rap star. Wayne insists she only slept with DMX when she thought he was single and never had sex with him again after learning he was married. And, as for the stalker claims, she insists she only tackled Tashera once - when she returned his call. Furious Wayne says, "He called me, I returned his phone call and she returned the phone call for him and she told me, 'Stop calling my husband, you bitch.' "I explained to her that I was just returning his phone call and she hung up." Wayne is now suing DMX for defamation following his claims that the mother of his young son took advantage of him after he was tired after a concert.