Rapper DMX is taking the law seriously after a recent jail spell made him realise his bad attitude could land him behind bars for life. The rap star, real name EARL SIMMONS, accepts he was living his life like his character in gritty film BELLY when he was caught speeding in December 2004 and was then involved in a three-car accident four months later. DMX was sentenced to serve 70 days at New York's notorious Rikers Island prison after being found guilty of reckless driving, and he admits his jail time made him think long and hard about his respect for the law. He tells urban magazine The Source, "(I realised) if I kept not respecting my life, it I kept making bad judgements, that I wouldn't be here much longer 'cause I had no respect for the law. "I felt like (I was in) Belly for real - I'm speeding, smoking weed (and) the cops can't touch me. That's pretty much what it was. "I didn't go under 120 miles (per hour) on the highway, everywhere. (If I) get pulled over, I'm out. If I do get locked up, I'm only locked up for a few hours." But the rapper insists he'll always know how to behave in jail - if he ever has to return. He adds, "I'm a jail n**ger. I've been in group homes since I was seven. So that's nothing. I'm institutionalised."