Incarcerated rapper DMX realised his "true calling" while behind bars - he plans to become a pastor once he is released.
The hip-hop star - real name Earl Simmons - is currently in jail in Phoenix, Arizona awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to multiple charges of animal cruelty, drug possession and theft in December (08).
But the star believes it was divine intervention that landed him in prison so that he could finally realise his life purpose to spread God's word.
In a candid interview with Fox, Simmons says, "It's (prison has) gotten me closer to my true calling in life, closer to realising, to actualising my true calling in life, which is to be a pastor. I read my bible every day - they have me in 23-hour lock-in.
"I came here (to prison) to meet somebody. Don't know who it was but I'll know him when I see him and I came here to give him a message and that message is Jesus loves him."
And one of the first things Simmons will do once he is free is step behind the pulpit.
He adds: "I'm going to give my first sermon in the Church (once I am free). That's going to be incredible for me and I hope it will be incredible for the congregation of that church. I hope I'll be able to reach somebody or just touch somebody and bring them closer to the Lord."
But the star is adamant he won't give up his music career - but instead dedicate it to praising God: "I actually have completed a gospel album. On every one of my albums there has been a gospel song and a prayer, but with the (tough rapper) image, they never made those songs a single - except my sixth album."