Rapper DMX is grateful his firstborn son didn't have to suffer a life of pain in a wheelchair but will never forget his baby holding his finger. RON JULIAN was just a week old when he died in hospital - a week before the rap star, real name EARL SIMMONS, wed wife TASHERA, prompting the grieving parents to consider calling off their nuptials. But the Simmonses pressed on with their wedding plans and have since had four healthy children together. And now DMX accepts the tragedy was a blessing in disguise. He explains, "That was a test of our faith... His heart was on the wrong side of his chest, he didn't have an oesophagus. We would have had a lifetime of pain and so would he. "I held him first. I went to see him and he held my finger. He was in a little incubator. I am happy for him. He would have been twisted his whole life. He would have been in a wheelchair."