Rapper DMX has been left baffled by reports of his hospitalisation after allegedly collapsing during a recording session on Thursday (20Dec07) - because he is enjoying the holiday season at home. The Party Up (Up in Here) hitmaker was said to have been rushed to hospital following the incident at Sony recording studios in New York - but he is no longer signed to the major label. However, DMX's entertainment lawyer, Scott Mason, believes the rumours may have been ignited by a video that is now circulating the internet, which shows the star "looking nervous and acting erratically while working on an album", according to the New York Daily News. Mason says, "This video that leaked on the net has got people thinking that he might be on something, that's what kind of made them wanna make up a story like that." He also insists the video is at least two weeks old and was recorded while the gravel-voiced rapper was working in Miami, Florida. DMX - real name Earl Simmons - is now signed to online gaming firm Bodog Entertainment, after being dumped by Sony Music earlier this year (07). A representative for Bodog Music adds, "It's definitely 100 per cent false. He's at home with his wife for Christmas."