Rapper DMX's concert clash has been dismissed as "a minor dispute" by police officers.
The hip-hop star, real name Earl Simmons, failed to perform in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday (17Oct09), insisting promoters kept him off-stage because they couldn't pay the fee they promised him.
Fan footage posted online shows Simmons and his entourage attempting to muscle past security, who threatened to have him arrested, sparking reports a riot had broken out between fans and guards.
But cops who attended the event have insisted this was not the case.
Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson Lieutenant David Whitlock says, "I don't even know if 'clash' is the right word (to describe the scuffle with security officers). It was a minor dispute between the security guards and Mr. Simmons and our officers never had any contact with Mr. Simmons. It was hardly a riot."
Whitlock also revealed there were no arrests made during the incident and officers were not involved in stopping the artist perform.