Authorities in Britain have cancelled a concert by rapper DMX, amid fears the show could spark crowd violence.

The event was scheduled to take place on Monday (06OCT03) at Yorkshire's SHEFFIELD CITY HALL. Promoters had made plans to search patrons for guns, knives and drugs, but officials said that would not be enough to allow DMX to perform.

British Mercury Music Prize winning rapper Dizzee Rascal, who was slated to open for DMX, was stabbed five times in the Cypriot resort of Ayia Napa earlier this year (03). Sources have claimed the stabbing was related to an ongoing feud with rival collective So Solid Crew.

JO BARNES, general manager of Sheffield City Hall, says, "Management at the City Hall made the joint decision along with the promoters that this concert should not go ahead.

"Initial discussions with the promoters of this concert and South Yorkshire Police led us to feel that it would be prudent to put on extra security for this one evening.

"As this was not set in place, we felt that as a public venue the safety of our visitors must come first and that without the added safety of extra security the show must be cancelled."

03/10/2003 09:19