Tough guy rapper DMX broke down in tears during a recent interview for The Source magazine when he was asked to recount the abuse he suffered at the hand of his mother as a child. The Ruff Ryders star revealed all about the beatings he was subjected to by his mum in his autobiography, EARL: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF DMX, but he has rarely spoken about the matter. In a candid interview with The Source's ADAM MATTHEWS, the rapper, real name EARL SIMMONS, opens up about his turbulent childhood. He reveals, "My mother would beat me so bad, I wouldn't be able to sit down. And I would never snitch." And, although he admits he has forgiven his mother, he'll never forget how she treated him. "I understand that parents are just people with children. If you look at people, you got a**holes, you got stupid people and you got ignorant people. I looked at it in that light. I just ended up with one of those people. "I kinda still do feel sorry for her, 'cause she really doesn't get it. She still doesn't get it." The hardcore rapper then fell apart and briefly halted the interview after confessing his grandmother raised him, sobbing while comforted by his wife TASHERA.